Wild Things

We have been rewilding a portion of the estate. Allowing nature to flourish. Biodiversity is increasing, the soils are improving and the whole is breathing with colour and positivity.

Rewilding is returning things to the wild... to be feral again. A state of mind perhaps.

Here and with the land it is something we're starting a process of. And it is a process. One where we allow nature to do its thing without us humans interfering...

A block of wildland with native hardy herbivores roaming freely without chemicals, fertilisers or anything else artificial to frustrate the magic.

And it is magic. We have lost sight of what nature can do.

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The Land

250 Acres

The desire to start this process goes back a long way. Anselm, the custodian of the land here, was born in Africa and had the great fortune to have grown up with incredible safari trips in the bush. A nature fanatic as a child it simply never occurred to him (and most people!) that you didn't need to go to places like Africa or the Amazon to get a nature 'hit'.

Inspired by the must-read book by Knepp Estate owner Isabella Tree called 'Wilding' he and the team here decided this is what they wanted to do with the land at Elmore. Anselm wrote a blog for the Elmore Court website back in January 2021 explaining the plan. It's a lovely read and particularly now as so much has happened since then (click here to unearth it).

But long and short... This landscape will slowly transform into something a good distance from what you normally find in the English countryside. Something perhaps closer to what you might find in Africa. Rich and buzzing with life.

Which is what all the countryside was like before we put the land under the yolk of little other than our own needs.

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