Regenerative Farming

Regenerative Farming

Wild Farms and Walled Gardens

We are growing food and doing so in a healthy way

The land at Elmore has always been providing food. Or at least it has since us humans have been doing agriculture.

But along the way that agriculture has skewed away from the needs of the earth. We are part of a growing movement that is showing that we can produce better food at scale in alignment with our natural world.

Where soils thrive, birds and bees are welcome and people are healthy.

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Fancy a Herbal Lay?

We are working with the folks at Wildfarmed

Until recently it was unheard of that healthy grains, such as wheat and barley, were grown at scale.

You see, mono-crops and chemicals or a combination of both make for unhealthy grains. And that means pasta, bread, beer, pizza and so on that isn't good for you...

And those chemicals and mono-crops also kill the land and pretty much anything else on it. 

It's not sane.

So... our friends at the rather brilliant Wildfarmed have, through determined bloody mindedness, found a new way of growing grains well. It's a bit of a process, involves permanent herbal lays, is amazing, and we're doing it here.

The film below is really worth a watch. Explains a bundle.


For our bakers

We've got a pilot project that will be harvested in the late summer. This flour we will then use in our own bakery at Elmore Court. It is super cool. We're already using 'Wild Farmed' flour and the difference is remarkable. 

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Home Grown

Veg, Veg, Glorious Veg

If you've been following the story up at the big house then you'll know all about the walled garden and that it's not just the farming we're doing.

We've been working on this for a few years now with a view for it to produce seasonal deliciousness for our kitchens. We built a brilliant new greenhouse in 2020 and it is all increasingly used by our chefs.

We're not just growing veg but also fruit, flowers and even mushrooms... As much as we can.

On the wider estate we have another slice of land that we're expanding our growing ambitions into. The more we can produce in the best way we can the better. It's exciting stuff.


The Walled Garden

The Walled Garden

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